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One Ready To Finish Aluminum 2mm Lead Pencil Body / For P.S.I. Kits / Blank #711

$21 $ 14.7
SKU : 291146402708 Category : Woodworking Tools & Supplies

This pencil body is very unique and not like the standard pen blanks that you buy. It take on an antique look as it ages. Sand the body to the desired finish polish it and then assemble the pencil.

Additional Information
Blank Requires Sanding To Finish
Body Only Pencil Kit & Assembly Required
Brand Placid Crafts / Hand Turned
Brass tube YES, 3/8" Glued In
Country/Region of Manufacture United States
Model #711
Pencil Body Only Not a Competed Pencil
This Blank Fits P.S.I. 2mm Mechanical Lead Pencil
Type 2mm Pencil Blank
Wood Type Aluminum